The Trumpet and Organ Concerto


The Trumpet and Organ Concerto is a piece I composed in the last days of 2020, during the pandemic period. For the first time, I composed a piece of music for the organ. In this sense, it was a difficult but also interesting experience for me. I composed the piece for one of the world’s leading organists Christian Schmitt and trumpeter Matthias Höfs.

Since it is an instrument with keys, someone who plays the piano naturally has an affinity with the organ. But the organ is essentially a very distinct instrument. While placing this instrument in the orchestra, I faced with a challenge in terms of balance and sound.

And let’s not forget that the organ represents church music. Considering my need to write worldly music and my desire to add elements from my hometown Anatolia to my music, it was a very complicated piece that I was working on.

While composing the piece, I wanted it to be an earthly organ and trumpet concerto with Turkish melodies. There are also Turkish percussions darbuka and kudüm in the orchestra. It is a work with full of aksak rhythms and virtuoso organ playing is sought.

– Fazıl Say


I Maestoso
II Andante
III Romance


S. (Kudüm [oder 2 Tomt.] · 2 Tomt. · Darbuka · 2 Woodbl.) (1 Spieler) – Str.



  • Tags: Concerto
  • Opus No: 98
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 2020 - 2022
  • Commissioned by: Dietrich and Renate Götze
  • Word Premiere Date: August 28, 2022
  • World Premiere Location: Bremen (G) Kirche St. Antonius, Papenburg - Christian Schmitt, Orgel; Matthias Höfs, Trompete · Conductor: Tarmo Peltokoski · Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
  • Schott Music