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Concerto for 2 trumpets and orchestra

  The solo instruments in Fazıl Say’s virtuoso Concerto for 2 trumpets and orchestra dazzle with their consummate display of technical and tonal feats. All instruments of the trumpet family take part in this work ranging from the bass trumpet and flugelhorn up to the piccolo trumpet....


The Trumpet and Organ Concerto

  The Trumpet and Organ Concerto is a piece I composed in the last days of 2020, during the pandemic period. For the first time, I composed a piece of music for the organ. In this sense, it was a difficult but also interesting experience...


Trumpet Concerto

  Fazıl Say wrote his Trumpet Concerto for Gábor Boldoczki on commission of the Festival of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Written in the classical three-movement concert form, the work refers directly to Fazil Say’s Turkish roots, be it in the orientalizing melody and harmony, by characteristic metrical...