The Bells


Fazıl Say drew inspiration for his singlemovement cantata The Bells from the lyrical cycle of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, and the music of Carl Orff ’s Carmina Burana. Poe explores the nature of bells in four poems according to their diff erent metals and horizon of meaning: silver, gold, bronze and iron. These are illustrated by Say in striking percussive sounds and pulsating rhythms alongside a primarily homophonic choral setting. Exceptional features of this work include song-like piano writing and a cadenza for the piano.


I Silver Bells
II Golden Bells
III Brazen Bells
IV Iron Bells


S. (Glsp. · Crot. · Vibr. · Marimba · Röhrengl. · Trgl. · Beckenpaar · P. · Bar Chimes · Mar. · Waterphone · Windmasch.) (3 Spieler) – Klav.



  • Tags: Cantata
  • Opus No: 50
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 2014
  • Commissioned by: Chorakademie Lübeck
  • Word Premiere Date: April 6,2014
  • World Premiere Location: Lübeck (G) Musik- und Kongresshalle - Sophie Gordeladze, Sopran; Lucia Duchoňová, Mezzosopran; Fazıl Say, Klavier; Martin Grubinger & Percussive Planet Ensemble, Schlagzeug · Conductor: Rolf Beck · Chorakademie Lübeck
  • Schott Music