Sonata for Violin and piano


In his Violin Sonata, the internationally renowned Turkish pianist Fazıl Say combines the classical western form with folk music elements of his home country, spiced with jazz-like intensified rhythms. Comparable to Piazzolla’s popular pieces, this is world music in the truest sense of the word – worthwhile and rewarding for concerts and competitions.


I Introduction: Melancholy. Andante misterioso
II Grotesque. Moderato scherzando
III Perpetuum mobile. Presto
IV Anonymous. Andante
V Epilogue: Melancholy. Andante misterioso



  • Tags: Duo,Sonata
  • Opus No: 7
  • Duration: 14
  • Year of Composition: 1997
  • Commissioned by: The Arizona Friends of Chamber Music, sponsored by Jean-Paul Bierny and Chris Tanz
  • Word Premiere Date: Feb 1997
  • World Premiere Location: Tucson (AZ) - Fazıl Say, piano; Mark Peskanov, violin
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