Bu Bizimki

Ey Kör

First Songs

  Singer Serenad Bağcan and Fazıl Say recorded ten songs on texts by the most famous Turkish poets for the CD album İlk Şarkılar (First Songs) in 2013. In these early compositions, Say lays the foundation for many melodic elements of later large-scale works such as...

Flute World

  The collection of pieces for one (or two) flutes with their contemplative titles offers the opportunity to musically describe even the more private and personal moments and leaves the musician and listener with many potential associations.   Dignified Loneliness · Onurlu Yalnızlık · Würdige Einsamkeit November Tunes ·...

Four Cities

  Fazıl Say’s “Four Cities” Sonata can be considered as a journey through four cities of Anatolia. This work has taken its inspiration from Fazıl Say’s memories and events of his life. Bodrum is well known as a city greatly frequented by tourists which sets it...

Four Songs

    I Masalların Masalı (Nâzım Hikmet) II Die große Fracht (Ingeborg Bachmann) III Göğe bakma durağı (Turgut Uyar) IV Der Panther (Rainer Maria Rilke)  ...

Gezi Park 3

  Fazıl Say, to whom the International Beethoven Prize for Human Rights was awarded in 2016, reflects on the events in Istanbul in May / June 2013 in his cycle Gezi Park. Gezi Park 3, first composed as a ballad for soprano, piano and string orchestra, is...

Güz Şarkıları (Autumn Songs)

  I Güz II Yeşilmişik III Usulcana IV Akrep Gibisin V Zambaklı Padişah VI Rüzgar Rüzgarla Konuşur VII Hasreti Uykularda VIII Adım Sonbahar

İnsan İnsan


  This effective encore piece was written for the piano duo Lucas & Arthur Jussen. Virtuoso scales and percussive inside-piano effects put the gloomy and aggressive tonal world of the piano to the extreme for a romantic spooky scene in the night.

Portreler, Op.101

    I Fikret Otyam II Babam Ahmet Say III Nejat Eczacıbaşı IV Yıldız Kenter V Yaşar Kemal VI Şarık Tara VII Tarık Akan

Princess of Lykia

  As in his ballet music Patara, Fazıl Say awakens only vague memories of the Lycian princesses mentioned in the Iliad. He intends a generally timeless romantic idea: dreams of love and love dramas under the sun of the Mediterranean Sea...

Sonata for Violin and piano

  In his Violin Sonata, the internationally renowned Turkish pianist Fazıl Say combines the classical western form with folk music elements of his home country, spiced with jazz-like intensified rhythms. Comparable to Piazzolla's popular pieces, this is world music in the truest sense of the word...

Tree of Life

  Tree of Life, with its irregular rhythms and sharp contrasts, mirrors the highs and lows of life in homage to people who, despite hardships, retain a positive outlook on life.   I Umut II Babam Ahmet Say III Ece IV Annem Anısına V Hayat Ağacı

Winter Morning in Istanbul

for Piano four hands Not many encore pieces exist for piano duet. These two, by Fazil Say, are in his unmistakable style. A very effective and romantic winter morning in Istanbul!    ...

Winter Morning in Istanbul, Art of Piano No. 3

  After the frequently performed version for four hands (ED 22708), this atmospheric and very romantic piece from the Art of Piano series is now published in an edition for two hands – and was just newly recorded on the Warner CD Fazıl Say plays Say.    ...