Troy Sonata


The Troy Sonata, the main work of the new Warner CD Fazıl Say plays Say, will shape the world tour programme of Say in the Beethoven Year 2020 in combination with the Hammerklavier Sonata. A powerful new interpretation of the ancient myth of love, cunning and betrayal.



I Homer, The Bard Recounts
II Aegean Winds
III Heroes of Troy
IV Sparta
V Helen; Love
VI Troy
VII Achilleus
VIII The War
IX Trojan Horse
X Epilogue


  • Opus No: 78
  • Duration: 38 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 2018
  • Commissioned by: the Çanakkale Municipality as part of the "Trojan Year"
  • World Premiere Location: Çanakkale (TR) - Premiere Venue: Çimenlik Kalesi, Troja Festival - Premiere Artist: Fazıl Say, piano
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