Silk Road, Piano Concerto No. 2


At the age of 24, Fazil Say composed this concert in Berlin, depicting the fascinating story of the Silk Road adventure. The folkloric styles of four contemporary countries (Tibet, India, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia) are handled in this work with contemporary sensitivity. Say invested five months listening to all 14,000 recordings of oriental music at the Ethnological Museum Berlin as part of a project in ethnological musicology.

Despite the fact that the work presents an abstract treatment of folk music, the actual goal is to benefit from the boundlessness of imagination and to experience the caravan adventure through the sonic representation of the atmospheres of the countries


I White dove, black clouds
II Hindu Dances
III Massacre
IV Earth Ballad


Str. (5 · 4 · 3 · 2 · 2) · S. (Gong – can be hit by the conductor. / Kann vom Dirigenten bedient werden.)


  • Tags: Concerto,Symphonic
  • Opus No: 4
  • Duration: 17 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 1994
  • Word Premiere Date: January 28, 1996
  • World Premiere Location: Boston, MA (USA) Jordan Hall - Fazıl Say, piano · Conductor: Scott Yoo · Boston Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra
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