Patara-Hommage à Mozart (KV 331)


Quartet for Soprano (or Violin/Viola), Ney Flute (or Alto Flute/Recorder), Piano and Percussion (Bar Chimes, Gran Cassa, Kudüm)


In the work commissioned by Mozart-two-6 for the Tanzquartier Wien, Fazıl Say has transported the Viennese composer Mozart to the beach of the ancient city Patara in his own native Turkey. Say has developed the variation theme of the famous Piano Sonata in A major KV 331 in Patara, conjuring up a large-scale scenic rhapsody reflecting the atmosphere of the landscape. The listener experiences a series of tonal scenes with evocations of fairy tales, oriental colour and rituals.


I Early Morning: 1. Lonely beach in Patara. KV 331 can be heard · 2. Song of the Princess of Lykia
· 3. Mediterranean Sea · 4. Sunrise · 5. Play of lights · 6. Dialogues
II Tritone Melodramas: 1. The Ney narrates · 2. The woman narrates · 3. The piano narrates · 4. Plaintive meeting
III Evening: 1. Unisono · 2. Night in Patara. Sky, stars and galaxies · 3. KV 331 bids farewell · 4. Coda


  • Tags: Ballet,Quartet
  • Opus No: 17
  • Duration: 28 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 2005
  • Commissioned by: Stadt Wien for the Mozartyear 2006
  • Word Premiere Date: February 1, 2006
  • World Premiere Location: Wien (A) Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G
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