Nietzsche and Wagner


I devote one movement of this work to each of the two figures. I have interpreted Nietzsche’s character as energetic, painful and harsh. In contrast, the second movement “Wagner” with its calm and meditative atmosphere is an improvisation focused on the composer paraphrasing motifs from his opera Tristan and Isolde.

Over and above the intensive philosophical and artistic exchange between Wagner and Nietzsche, an additional link was provided by Liszt’s daughter Cosima, Wagner’s wife, who was greatly revered by Nietzsche. She is the source of love and yearning which is perceptible in both movements.

– Fazıl Say


I Nietzsche
II Wagner


  • Opus No: 49
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 2013
  • Commissioned by: Stadt Bayreuth in Zusammenarbeit mit der Klaviermanufaktur Steingraeber & Söhne zum Richard Wagner Jahr 2013
  • World Premiere Location: Bayreuth (D) - Premiere Venue: Stadthalle - Premiere Artist: Fazıl Say
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