İzmir Suite


Embedded within atmospheric descriptions of the bustling Aegean metropolis, one finds portraits enriched with Turkish hues of Chopin, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff: all three homage movements quote the well-known İzmir March (İzmir Marşı) with the opening lyrics İzmir’in Dağlarında Çiçekler Açar (Flowers bloom in the mountains of Izmir), a political statement marking the 100th anniversary of the Turkish War of Independence and commemorating the founding father of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


I Körfez Dalgaları ·  Waves on the gulf
II Brahms İzmir’de · Brahms in Izmir
III Kordon’da sessiz Sabah ·  Quiet morning on the Kordon
IV Chopin İzmir’de · Chopin in Izmir
V Urla şiiri ·  Urla Poetry
VI Rahmaninov İzmir’de · Rachmaninov in Izmir
VII Final Caz-Zeybek · Finale Jazz-Zeybek


  • Opus No: 79
  • Duration: 18 minutes
  • Year of Composition: 2018
  • Commissioned by: Commissioned for the 150th anniversary of the Izmir Metropolitan Municapality
  • Word Premiere Date: October 30, 2018
  • World Premiere Location: İzmir (TR) - Venue: Ahmed Adnan Saygun - Artist:: Fazıl Say, piano
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