About Album

Morning – Evening by Fazıl Say presents solo-piano pieces handpicked by the pianist himself to capture the moods of these opposing times of day: from when life awakens in the morning to the closing of the night.

“There have been mostly baroque and early classical works on the radio in the mornings since my childhood. I used to start the day with the beautiful melodies and rhythmic energy of baroque music. Therefore, I particularly wanted to have many music pieces from this period in the Morning Piano collection. … As for the Evening Piano collection, I’ve listened to orchestral music most often in the evenings throughout my life. I usually listen to the works of the Romantic period and late-Romantic period composers, as well as French impressionist composers. Therefore, although all the music I have chosen is for piano, there are works with a highly orchestral structure among these pieces … These are works with a very intense harmony—because harmony provides unity and, at the end of the day, we seek this integrity in the music we listen to. In other words, it takes shape as rhythm and melody in the mornings, and as melody and harmony in the evenings.” – Fazıl Say


Artist: Fazıl Say
Label: Warner Classics
Release Date: 4-3-2022
Genres: Album, Single
People: Fazıl Say, piyano