Patara Quartet

  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Publisher: Schott Music


In the work commissioned by Mozart-two-6 for the Tanzquartier Wien, Fazil Say has transported the Viennese composer Mozart to the beach of the ancient city Patara in his own native Turkey. Say has developed the variation theme of the famous Piano Sonata in A major KV 331 in Patara, conjuring up a large-scale scenic rhapsody reflecting the atmosphere of the landscape. The listener experiences a series of tonal scenes with evocations of fairy tales, oriental colour and rituals.


Commissioned work: Auftragswerk der Stadt Wien für das Mozartjahr 2006
Premiere: February 1, 2006 Wien, Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G (A) “Mozart-two-6” · Celalettin Bigel, Nayflöte; Fazil Say, Klavier; Burcu Soysev, Sopran; Aykut Köserleli, Kudum · Costumes: Elio Gervasi · Stage design: Elio Gervasi · Choreography: Elio Gervasi · Tanz-Company Gervasi (scenic performance)
Duration: 28′ 0”
Difficulty: advanced
74 Pages – Saddle stitching


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